Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's Get Started

Get ready to dive in... It's gonna be a good year!

As I travel the blog world these days, I can't help but notice all the goals to loose weight. I shouldn't be surprised, as I see this every year at the gym. I read posts and want to run with my arms out, head tossed back, screaming yes, yes, yes! But i also want to sneak up on the blogger

{from behind, you know, for the total startle-affect ~ I'm mean that way}

and tap her on the shoulder and whisper in her ear, but you're really missing the point.

The true goal should be to be healthy.

As we make healthier choices, one of the huge side-affects can be weight loss.

And better health.

And happiness.

And peace.

{And good-fitting jeans. Did I mention that one?}

I started this blog to share tips and secrets to living a healthier life. I plan to write about fitness and diet, emotional well-being, and spirituality.

Some days, I might post a recipe, or a photo that reflects healthy living, or let you know that Target is having a sale on work-out gear.

Or, I might rant over some health-related issue that has me fired up, like someone's crazy idea to suggest mammographys starting AFTER the age of 50, and then only every 2 years. Oh. Yeah. Go read about that! :)

Sometimes, I'll give you a little insight to make your weight-lifting more affective. And if you don't lift weights, but keep reading my tips, maybe ~just maybe!~ you'll be inspired to try weight lifting.

And because I'm a mom, and I have a daughter {I have two sons, too}, I might touch {only slightly} on positive parenting, only in how it affects the health of our children. And their self-esteem. And their eating habits. And their sense of worth. So yeah, maybe a little more than a little on parenting.

I'm no expert in any of these fields. I do have extensive background in fitness and physical health. And I have personal experience with loosing weight and WANTING to loose weight.

I also have personal experience with self-doubt, inability to spell, a wicked sweet-tooth, insomnia, and jeans that don't fit.

I promise to not pretend like I know something when I don't, and I will reference facts whenever I can. Some stuff I just know from graduate school or training courses and might not be able to properly reference. In those cases, I'll just write "IDKWIGT", or I Don't Know Where I Got That, or "IDKWIGTBIKIT" I Don't Know Where I Got That But I Know It's True.

I will also do weekly challenges {"Double Dog Dares"}. Look for them at the end of the posts. This is to motivate you to slowly incorporate healthy habits into your way of living.

Like I said, I'm a mom. And a wife. Sometimes my balance gets outa balance and I have to withdraw, but usually no more than a few extra days. I promise I'll never leave you.

C'mon. Let's start.

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  1. I'm gonna love this! My challenges right now are too long to list but I need to start with figuring out what I can take to work for my lunch at the hospital that serves "crap" to their docs and NPs in the "doctor's lounge," has a salad bar with no lettuce or only what I call "white lettuce." AND THEN, how to incorporate/motivate a workout into a 12 hour work day.