Monday, January 11, 2010

Finding What Works


Have you set your goals?
'Cause it's a new week!

Mondays are great days to start... a clean, fresh beginning!
But if this is not Monday when you are reading it, don't wait! There's no moment like the present! Pull up your bootstraps & let's begin!!

You have to find what works for you. What exercises, what diets, what snacks, what patterns. It's different for all of us. And because what works for me just might work for you, I thought I'd share. But you think about you when you read this, 'cause we're different, with different likes and dislikes, different time constraints, different social desires... {And that's okay! We can still be friends!}

I'm not a good independent exerciser. I like classes. Maybe I'm just a social bug, but if I get to the gym, I'll work out. At home, there are

> too.many.distractions <

and I'll likely get side-tracked.


One of my dearest friends is a runner. She's very good independently and would never need a gym to exercise. We both like the outdoors, but I'd rather be laying in the sun with a tall tea, thank-you very much, than running through the Great Smoky Mountains in which I live.

Knowing this, I never try to kid myself with thoughts like
I'll stay home today and go for a run later,
because I just know later will never be now and that run will never happen.

You might like running, or gym classes, or sports like tennis, or bicycling, or evening walks with your spouse, or other wellness classes like kickboxing, yoga or dance.

Find what works for you, and {borrowing from Nike}:

just do it.

It takes 6-8 weeks to develop a habit.
Start now!

DOUBLE-DOG DARE: Explore your community. Find activities, classes, sports that interest you. Try them! Find what works for you, then commit to it! Remember, cross-training is best for your body. Try to include activities that require strength, cardiovascular training, flexibility, and agility into a weekly schedule. Go for it!

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  1. I love it! You inspire others to be active by sharing your experiences, your opinions, your values and your expertise.