Monday, January 25, 2010

Do Over!!

Surely, you remember that?! When we were younger, we'd engaged in some competition, but the moment someone didn't like the outcome, they'd yell, "Do over!" and a second chance was automatically granted.

So why don't we adults allow ourselves Do Overs?

I started a diet today... ugh. I loathe that word. I gained 6.5 lbs over the holidays and a recent vacation, and though that might not sound like a lot, next year, my holiday +5 will equal 11. Better to nip this in the bud pronto!

The day started off well... some coffee and a whole grain English muffin with spreadable fruit. I worked legs at the gym, followed by a yummy Pilate's class {and yes, exercise classes can, too, be yummy! }.

But then, the day got away from me and I got awfully hungry. I stopped at the store for my dinner ingredients, and guess what I found there? The last box of my favorite Christmas cookies... Danish Wedding Cookies.... melt-in-your-mouth, buttery shortbread cookies rolled in confectionery sugar. Simply divine.

I'm claiming that what happened in the car was not my fault. I seemed to loose all sense of myself, and while listening to some news talk radio, I mindlessly dipped into the cookies. That's not so bad, except... I didn't stop. Confectionery sugar everywhere. One huge cloud of it, contained within the confines of my car. I ate probably half of the box. Yuck.

Disappointed in myself, I snacked all day and refused to measure my dinner, and just consumed mindlessly again.

Why didn't my skinny self yell out Do over!! ?? Why are we so unforgiving of ourselves?

DOUBLE-DOG DARE: I dare you to allow yourself Do-Overs. The only rule for Do Overs are this: you must do-over immediately. You can't wait until next Monday to Do Over today's diet. As soon as you realize your goof, Do Over. Be patient with yourself, but be committed to your goal. Remember, forgiveness is divine, too.... it's just not as yummy as Danish Wedding Cookies.

I'm allowing it. For the sake of our younger selves.

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